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Best Hiring Practices in 2021

Businesses have adopted many innovative strategies for recruiting new talent in recent years. I suspect that the best hiring practices for businesses in 2021 will be radically different than what is happening today. One key trend I’m seeing in my business is that hiring Read More

A Package of Changes Coming for UK Gambling

Online gambling services in the UK have been receiving quite a lot of attention throughout the past  year as a number of changes put in to place have made many sites much less accessible – back in April of last year a change was Read More

Ideas to Save Money in Commercial Buildings

As a small business owner, you don’t have the resources to pay huge utility costs on a regular basis. With a small amount of energy efficient solutions, you can make the operational costs of your small business as low as possible and save a Read More

Do you need new logistics talent?

If so, are there low cost, fast growing business prospects that fit your budget? How can your logistics talent management practices help to attract, find, train, develop and retain logistics talent and have you hold on to that talent so that it serves your Read More

How Protected Is Your Digital Currency

As you might be well aware of if you are interested in cryptos, Bitcoin is a risky investment, so you should carefully review your risk tolerance before investing, however some are known to collect its commemorative crypto coins as a hobby rather than as Read More

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Guide

Cryptocurrency has been a growing trend across the globe for years. Although it’s still not the most popular form of payment for consumers, its popularity is growing. Many people are choosing to use cryptocurrency over regular currency now, for example in gambling. Those who Read More

How to Setup a PayPal Account

Collecting payment for goods and services can happen in a variety of ways and PayPal is one of them. There are tons of merchant account providers, payment processors and currency exchange apps like PayPal on the market today. Businesses choose their methods of payment Read More