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Website Design Tips For Small Business Entrepreneurs

The life of a small business entrepreneur includes an array of different roles.  You will play the role of business owner, financial manager, human resources, and even web designer.  The web design part is easily the most manageable of the four roles mentioned. Read More

How to create a simple trading strategy

People ruin their own work most of the time due to a lock of concentration. Or sometime it may be happening due to someone having less knowledge about common problems in the working process. If you are an employee, your bosses will let you Read More

How to Keep Your Business Secure

These days, with so much information readily accessible online, it’s important for business owners to protect their companies from outside threats. There’s always plenty of discussion about the performance of a business, how to create better leads, and improve customer care. However, the security Read More

Creating Business Curb Appeal for Your Storefront

Even though the idea of curb appeal might be something you associate more with a personal residence, for businesses it has a definite benefit as well. If you look at the difference between a company building that looks good from the outside and one Read More

Translate Dutch to English: A fun Discussion

Dutch to English translation is a simple, but also, a challenging task. Duchtrans has decided to discuss the underlying nuances of translating a purely Nordic language into a language that has seen many other mixings. When you are translating between two languages, the roots Read More