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Business Website Design For Dummies

More often than not, business owners design the first draft of their website on their own with little to no prior knowledge of the concepts of web design.  Without an in-depth understanding of all the many aspects of web design, business owners just sort of “wing it.”

Create a more functional end result with just a basic knowledge of what it takes to build a successful business website.  Start learning now by reading over this brief article, highlighting a few easy website design tips for the designing novice.

Ease of navigation is key

When web users visit a website of any kind, they expect to understand the flow of information.  It should be easy to find your way around a well-built web design.

The easiest way to establish an obvious navigational route in your design is to create a bar of destinations (like this example page displays) across the top of your page.  Users should be able to move across pages of your site with ease, and it should be no challenge to find something more than once.

Mobile accessibility wins the day

A great portion of the nation’s population is privy to mobile internet access, and they use it on more than one occasion throughout the day.  Google’s search engine even has a special classification (near the top) of websites that are mobile friendly.

You want to be a part of that group of results.  Make sure you do what it takes to transform your business site into a mobile friendly playground for users.

Communication is a part of everything

We all use our communication skills in one way or another every single day.  Communication is the key to getting things done and getting them done the way you want them.

Keep your customers and web users in the loop, and make them feel as though their experiences and opinions matter.  Integrate a comprehensive “Contact Us” page into your business website’s design, so you can always keep in touch with your target audience.

Let the people see what your business is all about

Every website needs an informative “About Us” page included in their design.  People seek out your page to learn something regarding the business, and you should never let them down.

A good example of a well-designed “About Us” page will entertain while providing key information regarding your organization’s intentions and mission statement.  Provide information about the things your business has done to better the local community.

Content is your number one tool  

Blogging is a great way to create more content for your website.  The more content your business has available online, the more likely it is that someone will come across your page.  Add a “Blog” section to your design, and fill it with engaging content.