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Colorado Leading the Way in Crypto

If one were to have a list of frequency for words used in conversation and on the web, then Bitcoin would have to be somewhere near the top. From the first price spike in 2011 where it rose by 3200% in three months, it Read More

Business Options for Customer Service In 2021

The same reactive support strategy can trap your agents on an endless treadmill of inquiries and leave your customers on hold. For businesses with thousands of customers, proactive support is the antidote to 72-hour turnaround times and endless ticket backlogs that burn agents out. Read More

Uncertainty Ahead for Decentralized Currency

It doesn’t seem like all that long ago where experts were raving about the huge amount of potential that could be on the horizon for the growing numbers of decentralized currencies, with crypto being promised as this big change, it certainly attracted a huge Read More

Best Hiring Practices in 2021

Businesses have adopted many innovative strategies for recruiting new talent in recent years. This includes using relevant software from companies like Jitterbit to help with the onboarding process. I suspect that the best hiring practices for businesses in 2021 will be radically different than Read More

A Package of Changes Coming for UK Gambling

Online gambling services in the UK have been receiving quite a lot of attention throughout the past  year as a number of changes put in to place have made many sites much less accessible – back in April of last year a change was Read More

What Drugs Should Employers Screen Their Employees for?

Excessive prescription of medications – like opioids – could be a tip-off of a more serious drug problem. And for some employees, certain drugs might already be screens for, like marijuana or benzodiazepines. Employers would also like to take stock of the prescription medication Read More

Risks Associated with Mechanical Excavation Equipment

After the onset of mechanical excavation, the associated risks arise from damage to the machinery and excavation tools. The equipment can be damaged by variations in soil pressure and corrosion to mechanical parts of excavators, and so on. A set of mechanical excavation equipment Read More

Ideas to Save Money in Commercial Buildings

As a small business owner, you don’t have the resources to pay huge utility costs on a regular basis. With a small amount of energy efficient solutions, you can make the operational costs of your small business as low as possible and save a Read More

Do you need new logistics talent?

If so, are there low cost, fast growing business prospects that fit your budget? How can your logistics talent management practices help to attract, find, train, develop and retain logistics talent and have you hold on to that talent so that it serves your Read More

Crucial Things That You Must Know As a Trader

Forex trading is regarded as one of the most lucrative businesses, and investors worldwide are very interested in investing their money here. Some of them are becoming successful, but others are losing all of their investment. These types of incidents are happening because of Read More