My name is Andrew Kozielski, and I am the PR manager at CMT Corp. I am proud to be contributing to the work of my father and his two brothers, who jointly established CMT Corp almost 30 years ago.

From small beginnings in the late 1980’s, CMT Corp has grown into a large corporation. Our headquarters are located in Warsaw, Poland, and we also have a presence in the Czech Republic, and Moldova. We provide a variety of financial services, small loans, and investments, and gladly contribute to the economic activity in Poland and beyond.

My role, as a PR manager, is varied and includes liaising with clients, potential clients, the media, advertising, and marketing partners, as well as maintaining and promoting this website. I love my work, particularly because I value all the hard work my father and my two uncles have invested.

CMT Corp – The Founders: Cezary, Mikolaj and Tomasz Kozielski

Setting up CMT Corp during the early 1990s, when the Polish economy was only beginning to adjust to the fall of the Berlin Wall, was a bold and brave move. My father and his two brothers wanted to create a financial service company for individuals and small businesses, providing advice as well as small loans. Thanks to a lot of knowledge, hard work and dedication, my father and his brothers succeeded at gradually growing their client base and simultaneously build a strong reputation among the business community.

During the subsequent 20 years, CMT Corp went from strength to strength. Soon, our services were not only in high demand in Poland but clients, particularly in the Czech Republic and in Moldova, were eager to work with CMT Corp. Within a relatively short space of time, my father and uncles grasped these new opportunities and set up subsidiaries in both of these countries.

The organic growth of CMT has been astounding. This strong expansion is firmly rooted in top client care, optimum service provision, and a deep expertise in finance, market analysis, and business management.

CMT Corp Business Activities

CMT Corp provides consulting and advisory services for individuals and businesses. Apart from providing small loans and investments to small businesses, we furnish a wide variety of financial tools geared towards improving the financial status of all of our clients. We greatly enjoy working with all types of companies and individuals from all over the world. Our client’s profitability is what we care about most and with CMT you can be assured of having a reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy partner.

My PR Management Role and this Website

I feel privileged to be in charge of CMT Corp’s PR. My job is to highlight our corporation’s strengths in an informative way across all types of media. This website is very much at the heart of my PR work. Here I provide financial information and advice, furnish news about the activities of our company and outline our day-to-day work.

Beyond promoting and publicising the work of our corporation, I publish interesting world financial news and blog posts geared toward providing individuals and businesses with valuable financial information.