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5 Ways To Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to how well you’re existing and potential customers recognize and recall your brand and the degree to which they associate it with specific products and services. Creating, growing and maintaining brand awareness yet another step in the journey of promoting and ultimately selling a new product or service. There are no tricks to becoming a household name, but rather an ongoing campaign of delivering a positive customer experience and engaging your customers on a regular basis. There’s a number of different ways you can build brand awareness and these five have proven themselves of being the most effective.

1.      Provide an outstanding service

Treat your customers with care and they will keep returning. You might think that this is an obvious advice, but have in mind that there have been several customer service disasters involving high-profile companies such as Comcast or United Airlines, to name a few. Going out of your way to make your customers happy is exactly the kind of thing that makes them fall in love with a brand and keep using their products and services. Not only that but once they experience such an outstanding service, they are guaranteed to tell their friends and family all about it. If they post on social media, make sure to reply and share their posts.lo

2.      Be consistent 

You can think of brand consistency as the way your brand is designed and applies across physical and intellectual properties such as products, services, and promotional materials. One way to determine your brand consistency is to perform a detailed brand audit to analyse the current state of your brand. A brand audit will help you determine which of your brand qualities are currently the most effective and which are not. You can use this information to restructure your brand and message in order to produce even better results. This includes your company’s name, tagline, logo, brand colours, signature graphics, styles and sounds, as well as your voice and tone associated with your messages.

3.      Be active on social media

Maintaining a presence on social media is important for small businesses and large corporations alike. However, the key to rising brand awareness lies in the way you use that presence. There are a growing number of businesses who use their profiles for nothing more than to promote their products and services using the same exact message over and over again. This does nothing to engage customers or help them resolve any issues or problems they might be experiencing. Your social media account needs to be a two-way street used to engage your customers a not a promotional dead-end.

4.      Behind-the-scenes access

Social media accounts can also be leveraged as a means to humanize your brand and bring it closer to your target audience. This can easily be accomplished by providing your audience with a behind the scenes glimpse into your company’s inner workings and show them that even brands such as yours are run and maintained by people just like them. Take the time to express the gratitude and love you have for your team and simply be yourself while doing it or else you will be perceived as not being honest and genuine.

5.      Promotional material

Small gifts of appreciation are an excellent way of thanking your customers for investing their time and resources into your brand. The important things to remember here is to avoid cheap items and materials and to be as personal as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a pens, t-shirts, personalized promotional mugs or a simple note of thank you, going one step further and incorporating your customer’s name or some other personal detail will make them feel appreciated and show that you’re a business that cares about its customers.

Developing a dedicated brand awareness strategy that incorporates the above-mentioned methods will definitely be worth your time and effort. Approach your work systematically by creating a simple, yet effective checklist of all the different ways you can engage your customers and ticking it off one by one until you find the ones that work best for you and make sure your brand messaging is clear, consistent, and more importantly, recognizable at all times.