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5 Tips for Moving into Your Own Place and Gaining Independence

It’s inevitable that moving from the comfort of a family home and out into the big wide world becomes a major priority for us all. It’s a world where dust settles quickly, laundry doesn’t wash itself, and the fridge isn’t self-replenishing. There are obvious upsides, too: We have the freedom to come and go as we please, the TV’s on late, our music is loud, and most guests are welcome. How can we best make this happen? 

Prepare for the Move

Image via Flickr by lovelihood

There’s currently a trend to stay at home for as long as possible, whether it’s to save for a deposit or simply build up funds to have enough money for rent and household supplies for a period of time. The move might be sparked by work or an offer from a friend. For some, the groundwork has already been done during the university years, but the step up and out can be daunting for many. The move is best not done before you’re ready. Being unprepared only increases the likelihood of a return home.

Saving is the most important thing in your life right now. Training yourself to go out less often, buying fewer clothes, and focusing on home cooking will become paramount. There won’t be as much spare cash floating around to spend on Friday-night drinks, and those bills — there’s that word again —  will take priority.

To Share or Not to Share

Sharing is an excellent way of getting your foot in the door, and websites like Roomster.com are becoming invaluable if you don’t already have a roommate lined up. Should you decide to move on your own, on the other hand, you may find that your options are restricted financially. Saving for a place with a spare bedroom might be a better option when your budget is critical, with flexibility the key. Splitting bills can make a big difference in your lifestyle, but you may need to start with a bigger apartment to get a quality roommate experience.

How to Afford Life on Your Own

Employment is vital no matter the situation. Your job will not only pay the bills but also provide you with the opportunity to take out a loan to get you over the initial surge of outgoings. Cash flow is always an issue when moving out, and a small loan is a great way of overcoming these initial obstacles you face when setting up a new place. Repayments can be small and easily budgeted for, and it’s always best to compare personal loan offerings.

Compare Prices

Shopping around also makes a huge difference. It really does pay to shop around for groceries, and “vintage” is the key word regarding your wardrobe. Secondhand shops can also give you great deals on furniture and household items.

Deals can be struck with energy, internet, and phone companies, too. The savings here can be huge, with extra discounts often available if bills are paid on time. Even after you sign your contract, it’s also worth reviewing options now and again, as opportunities change more rapidly than you might think.

Moving out in your own time and when that time is right is a luxury that’s achievable. With some forethought and the right financial preparation, it’s a luxury you can afford.