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5 Marketing Tips For Your New Business

In order to drive traffic and draw attention to your business, it’s essential that you know the right strategies to put in place.  Without having a basic knowledge of marketing, your company risks falling apart without the support of drawing a crowd.

If you’re interested in pushing your business’s reputation and increasing your popularity, take a look at some of these basic marketing tips which will boost your presence.

Visual Advertising

When people are walking down the street, it’s helpful to have something which grabs their eye.  Visual marketing is a crucial part of having a storefront because it attracts people who may not have noticed you otherwise.

There are many different ways to visually market your store from window paint to flags, to hanging banners.  The important thing is that your sign sums up precisely what you’re offering in a few words. No one has the time to sit and read lengthy sentences.  Your material should cut straight to the chase and show people exactly what you want to say summed up short and sweet.

Have a Sale

People love saving money regardless of what industry you’re in.  It’s ideal t offer a special deal to your customers which gives them an incentive to choose you over a competitor for whatever they need.

Consider having a sale at least twice a year.  As a result, your current customers will remain loyal, and you’ll attract more future clients who are purchasing with you for the first time.

Push Your Social Media Presence

One of the most important ways to increase your visibility n a large scale is to boost your social media presence. The more followers that you gain, the more people will know about you.

It’s important not to limit yourself to only one platform, but to make sure that you’re on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  As a result, you’ll have even more chances of people learning about your business on a worldwide scale.

Mail Out Flyers

Although email newsletters are very effective, sometimes people have their junk mail settings set very strictly.  As a result, you may only be reaching as little as 30% of your entire mailing list.

However, sending out a flyer or passing them out in the street sends the message directly into someone’s hands.  No junk mail filter can stop them from reading the material that they see in front of their face.

A Giveaway

Offering a giveaway or prize is a great way to bring people in.  Since most people love the idea of winning or getting something for free, it can be an incredibly effective way to pull in a big wave of new clients.