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5 Critical Sections Every Good Business Website Should Include

It is time to design your new business website.  The only problem is that you have no idea where to begin.  Often, small business owners are tasked with designing their own business sites with little to no professional incite.

When you have no base knowledge from which to pull, it can be pretty challenging to produce a successful end product.  Take this time to begin building a knowledgeable base, and check out a short overview of a few critical sections every good business website should include.

Make space for quality content

The more quality content your business site provides for web users, the more frequently they will visit.  A well-written “Blog” is the key to boosting your business site’s visibility.  Integrate social media share buttons (like this example site has done), so readers have the ability to share your work on their social media profiles.

Branching your content out into the web that is social media is one of the best things that could possibly happen to your organization.  The more eyes you can turn your way, the better.

Tell the web community what others think of your business

People make a lot of their decisions based on the experiences of others.  Your business website should have a section for web users to learn more about your business.

Your “About Us” page should have a few customer testimonials, and even some short bios featuring some of your most influential professionals.  Communicate the purpose of your organization and what you aim to add to the world through your work.  Here is where you aim to build a rapport with online users.

Tell people how to get in contact with your business

Communication is a foundational skill required for business.  If you cannot communicate with your target audience, then you will have a whale of a time finding success.  Your website should make communication easy for web users.

Create an enticing “Contact Us” page where the web community can be free to interact with your professionals, and learn more about what you have to offer.  Check out this example site for a better visual demonstration.  Customer feedback is one of the most prized possessions of the small business owner.

Help out your customer service department

There are always questions to be asked, no matter how well your website is designed.  The best way to remedy the situation is to create a comprehensive “FAQ” page on your website.

Providing easy answers for all of your most frequently asked questions will take a load off of your customer service department.  Freeing up some time will leave space for other productive activities.

Showcase your products and services

A business website is all about business, so it makes perfect sense that you would need to save some space for your products/services.  Your “Products & Services” page is where you should provide information on all you have to offer your target audience.  Special online deals and incites are a great way to draw more attention to this page of your site.