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4 Ways Content Helps Businesses in Niche Industries

As a small business owner that operates in a very specialized industry or niche, it’s easy to feel as if the same marketing strategies that work for larger businesses aren’t as effective for your brand. However, when it comes to content marketing, the value is fully transferable.

Tapping into the Power of Content 

The value of content in today’s digital marketing ecosystem can’t be overstated. It’s essentially the gasoline to a company’s online engine. But why exactly is it so valuable? And what makes it worthy of your time, energy, and financial resources? Well, if you dig beneath the surface, you’ll find a host of benefits and perks. 

  1. Greases the Decision-Making Funnel 

As any marketing agency will tell you, the most important thing you can do is move your target audience through the decision-making funnel from awareness to interest to desire to action. In industries where the audience embodies very specific characteristics, traits, needs, and desires, content greases the funnel.

Without content, you’re left hoping people will find you – which is like casting a single line into a vast ocean and hoping that one specific fish bites. While it’s technically possible, it’s highly unlikely. With content, the fish come to you. 

  1. Establishes Authority 

The second thing content does is establish authority. When your target audience starts to see your brand name attached to content over and over again, they naturally start viewing you as a figure worth listening to. The key is to center your content strategy on a specific area that your readers find interesting and important.

“Unless you have a huge content creation staff with a wide array of subject matter expertise, focus your content creation efforts on a few topics about which you’re very knowledgeable,” marketer Corey Wainwright explains. “It’s better to do a deep dive into a small handful of topics than speak generically about everything under the sun.”

While this strategy works for everyone, it’s especially effective for smaller brands in specific niches. Your audience naturally wants and needs specialized content. Your ability to consistently touch on these topics will produce a healthy ROI. 

  1. Helps Build Connections 

When you have content, everyone will want a piece of you. Content is what makes the internet spin, so you’ll gain more leverage and influence as you execute your strategy over time.

Within the context of forging connections, content gives you the opportunity to establish guest blogging relationships with authoritative websites in your industry. For more on how to get started with guest blogging, Kissmetrics has a helpful guide. 

  1. Enhances SEO 

“Search engines have changed the business landscape forever,” content marketing expert Mike Lannen acknowledges. “According to research, 97% of consumers use popular search engines to perform a local search for goods and services before making a purchase. Also, over 80% performed product research via search engines before deciding on making a purchase.”

How do you get ranked in the search engines? You develop content that addresses the questions and needs of those conducting search queries. When people see relevant content, they click. When people click, they land on your website. And when people land on your website, you have a chance to move them to action. For all of the complex strategies that exist, sometimes you just have to strip it back to the basics. 

Let Content Push You Forward 

You should never invest in a content strategy simply because you see others doing it. If this is the basis for your strategy, it will fizzle out as quickly as it started. In order to find success, you have to take the time to fully understand how content works and why it’s effective.