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4 Types of Liability You Can Run Into In Business Dealings

Running a business can be challenging for creative reasons, for financial reasons, and for practical reasons. But one of the factors that often gets overlooked when it comes to business dealings is the fact that you always have to look out for situations that you may be liable for.

There are lots of these situations that are specific to particular industries, but there are some general examples you can look at to see how liability might become an issue for your business. There are matters of product liability. You can become liable in different situations depending on copyright infringement issues. There are tax liabilities that you can run into as a company owner. And you are definitely responsible for injuries to employees and customers that occurred because you were negligent somehow.

Product Liability

If you produce something as part of your business, then you have to make sure that you follow all state and federal regulations, and you have to make sure that your product is safe as designed. If not, you can end up having to deal with product liability issues. Customers and consumers of your products aren’t necessarily the smartest people ever. If they use your product wrong and injure themselves though, that means you need to be able to cover yourself by showing that you were clear in your instructions. If this clarity is not present, you can get sued.

Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement can go one of several different directions if you run into it in a professional environment. First of all, if you infringe on someone else’s copyright, you can end up in much trouble and have a lot of financial liability. Secondly, if someone infringes on your copyright and then does something bad with your brand or your image, there is a whole different set of liability out there for you to deal with.

Tax Liability

Tax liability is another matter that you have to work with as a business owner. Depending on how far into your business pathway you are, you may be able to deduct different things from your taxes each year. After a certain point though, the government expects you to pay your fair share of profits, which means tax liability becomes a more significant number when you’re doing your budgeting.

Injury Liability for Employees and Customers

A final style of liability that you might run into as a company owner comes concerning injuries. If your negligence leads to an accident which injures one of your employees or one of your clients or customers, then you can owe them a significant amount of money. There are different types of injury and liability insurance that you can purchase for your company to avoid going bankrupt because of these situations, but ultimately your best choice is always to create the most secure environment possible to stay away from accidents in the first place.