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4 Tips For Becoming a Successful Interior Designer

Being a successful interior designer means more than just designing interiors.  The job requires an enormous amount of passion for what you do. It also requires persistence if you want to make it to the top.  Once you get there, you’ll need to keep your momentum going and keep up with the trends of the industry.

So what else does it take to become a success? What sets apart great interior designers from okay ones? When people are looking for an interior designer, what makes them go to you?  Take a look at what you’ll need if you want to make it big.

Diverse Style

A good designer has a firm knowledge of all different styles and design aesthetics.  Whether or not you have your own trademark or signature styles, you still stay true to your clients’ desires.  

It’s crucial that youtreat each project as a new one rather than a continuation of the work you did for your last client.  Focus on building a portfolio that demonstrates you can do everything from contemporary to bohemian.  

Even if a client’s idea sounds crazy, a great designer knows how to fuse their ideas together with their own.  Keeping an open mind won’t just make your clients happier, but you’ll also remain more open to inspiration.

Do Your Research

There is never enough information to discover when it comes to the art form of interior design.  From color palettes to use of space: there are all sorts of ways to develop your knowledge.

You should never stop searching for new information and inspiration.  You shouldn’t only know about current designs, but also how they were influenced by the trends of the past.

Be Bold

In order to stand out as an interior designer, you must set yourself apart from the crowd.  A true artist knows that they have to have an opinion when they express themselves. Accept that not everyone may love your aesthetic and remain true to yourself.  If you allow criticism to get you down, you’ll get disheartened in no time.

If you make mistakes, learn from them and use them to move forward as experience. Stay positive and be bold in your artistic choices.

Take Your Time

It’s important not to rush through making your choices.  Rather than making artistic choices on a whim, do your research on what the best way to convey a mood is.

Study the art of lighting and learn how to accent a room through different layers of light. Know where your focal point will be, and what kind of materials will best suit it.  Rushing won’t just make you look bad, but it will show through your work.