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4 Great Ways for Freelancers To Be Eco-Friendly

A large number of businesses are engaging with eco-friendly tactics in the light of the growing threat of climate change, and eco-conscious freelance workers can do the same by making changes to their work habits while at home.

Here are five ways that freelancers can be more eco-friendly and improve their carbon footprint considerably as a result.

Be Mindful When Booking Meetings

While it’s great to be able to do so much online these days, including running a business, not all client or customer meetings can be conducted on Skype or by telephone. One way that you can think ecologically when booking your meetings is to organize them locally, in areas that are easily reachable by foot rather than by road. You will save yourself money on petrol and over the course of a year or two, will dramatically reduce your carbon emissions.

Making Your Home Office Green

Chances are you will have created a lovely office space at home, safely out of earshot of the kids, the dog and any traffic noise. But have you considered all the changes you could make to ensure it’s a greener space? For example, if you have lights and lamps, changing to LED light bulbs will cut down your energy usage and save you money over the course of the year. You should also consider having two waste bins – one for actual waste, and one for recycling. You are likely to have a lot of paper waste as a freelancer, so keep it separated and then add your waste to your main recycling bin at the end of each working day.

Take Eco-Conscious Breaks

Freelancers need to step away from the laptop, office space and the home in general, and when you do, it’s easy to jump into the car and escape somewhere for a while. Instead of driving somewhere, take advantage of your local green areas – parks, fields, lakes, etc. – and take a walk to clear the mind and get some exercise at the same time. If you want to engage your brain when you’re away from the desk, you could visit the Escape Room Arlington and other cities are famous for. These are great fun and won’t affect your carbon footprint one iota.

Make Changes Around the Home

One of the advantages of being a freelancer is being able to do tasks during the working day that would otherwise be put back to the evenings and weekends (if you’re lucky). These include tending to the garden, DIY tasks and even basic tasks such as doing the laundry. You should consider how eco-friendly you can be when taking on all of these tasks. For example, you can wash your laundry in cool water instead of hot. This is much better for the environment and uses a lot less energy, which will save you money on your energy bills. If you’re green fingered, consider the plants and flowers that you have in your garden. Lavender looks beautiful and attracts the bees, which are so important to our ecosystem, and with their numbers falling year after year, you could really help them out by catering to their needs with your garden habits.