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4 Graphic Elements To Improve Your Business Visibility

A big part of the success of your business is going to depend on how visible you are in context. If a person sees your company versus another company that does almost the same thing, how do you compete for their mental space?

That’s where having a presence comes into play, and it’s where graphic elements can do so much to improve your market share. A few examples of ways to use graphic elements to improve your visibility include investing in and hanging signs, working through logo redesign, using custom social media icons, and sticking to a color and texture scheme that people can recognize over time.

Hanging Signs

A simple example of a way to improve your business through the use of graphical elements would be if you decided to put up a hanging sign outside your storefront. If you’ve ever walked through a commercial district that you are unfamiliar with, one of the first things you probably do to assess the quality and appeal of any store is appearance of its exterior signage.

Does the sign look like it communicates the concept of the business? Is the sign well lit? Does it seem to be in good shape? Passersby can glean a lot about the potential quality of the firm merely by assessing the caliber and condition of the promotional signs out front.

Logo Redesigns

At the center of a company’s graphic presentation is its logo. Depending on how long you’ve been in operation, it might be time for a logo redesign. Fashions change in industries almost as often as clothing.

Businesses will update their public image regularly if there seems to be a benefit they can identify with a more streamlined design. A logo redesign can be costly, but if you get a good return on your investment, then it can be well worth it.

Custom Social Media Icons

A variety of social media icons generate Internet cross-traffic in virtual space. Everyone recognizes the standard ones for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and so on.

What you can do to make your business stick out graphically is to create custom social media icons. If you can figure out how to incorporate your logo design into the graphic components of social media platform sharing buttons, that will signal (and will encourage) a high degree of interactivity with your client base.

Color and Texture Schemes

Finally, if all your graphics include standard in-house color and texture schemes, that will go a long way toward showcasing your brand awareness capabilities over time. If people can look at some of your graphical elements, signage, or branding when they’re out in public and instantly recognize that it’s you, then you know your designers have done an excellent job.