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4 Best Ways To Accept Credit Cards

Nearly everyone in the U.S. has either a debit or credit card in their wallet. In fact, data released in 2015 showed that at least 70 percent of Americans had at least one credit card. If your business is not accepting credit cards, then you’re missing out on a large pool of customers. So, even if your business is a startup or mom and pop store, there are several ways to get started using credit cards. Let’s explore four ways your business can begin accepting them. 


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The use of smartphones and tablets has multiplied over the years, so you’ve probably seen Square in action. Square readers simply plug into your smartphone or tablet, and they accept every type of debit or credit card. Consumers can swipe their cards, use the chip, or tap if using something like an eWallet. You’ll instantly receive confirmation if the payment was accepted or declined. Also, Square charges a flat rate so there’s no monthly or annual fee, plus you don’t have to sign a contract.


PayPal is more than a tool used for paying for items on eBay or sending money to your loved ones. Many people don’t know that PayPal business payment options help your business run efficiently. If you’ve got a merchant account, you can use PayPal to accept point-of-sale payments in store, process payments by phone with a virtual terminal, and add PayPal to your checkout on your website.


The verdict is in, and Shopify has taken the gold for point-of-sale systems. This system is an excellent choice for both online and brick-and-mortar companies, but it’s designed to support any size of business. Using the Shopify card reader, customers can quickly swipe any credit card. An added benefit is that payments are securely accepted using Apple Play and Android Play, so you can easily sell anywhere your customers are.

Standalone Terminals

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If you’re new to using credit cards or looking for something simple, then you might want to try standalone payment terminals. These payment terminals are easy to set up and accept all major credit cards. There’s no need to hook it up to your cash register — you simply plug in the terminal and you’re ready to go.

We can agree that using cash and checks to buy items have become the thing of the past. So, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, you’ll need a credit card reader or point-of-sale system, plus a merchant account. Merchant accounts are widely popular today because they allow businesses to accept multiple forms of payments that benefit both the customer and owner. Also, most payments are deposited from your merchant account provider into your business account within one to two days.

Even if your business has had some unfortunate circumstances like bankruptcy or foreclosure, or you’ve been labeled as a high risk, there are solutions available to getting started using credit cards. The bottom line is that accepting credit cards for your business is not hard, but you want to make sure you are adopting the best solution for your needs.