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3 Ways to Be More Energy Efficient At The Office

While you may be conscious of how much energy you’re using at home, you may not be as aware of how much energy you’re using at work. If you’re an employee, this way of thinking is most likely because you don’t see the utility bills for your business each month. But if you’re a business owner or work on a management team, you’re probably aware of what your overhead looks like, including how much you’re paying for water and electricity each month. So to help your business use less energy, here are three ways you can be more energy efficient at the office.

Create An Energy Efficient Starter Kit

If you want everyone at work to be more aware of ways they can individually be more energy efficient, you may want to consider ways that you could encourage this behavior. One idea you may want to implement is giving each employee an energy efficient starter pack. According to Dummies.com, this should include a mug they can use each day. You could also give them a water bottle, a hand towel, and other items that otherwise would be disposable. By creating less waste during the day, you’ll be doing a lot to help make your employees more energy efficient.

Unplug Your Appliances

While you may have shut down all your appliances when the work day is over, many of these items will still use power if they’re plugged in. For this reason, it’s important that you unplug things from the outlet when you don’t need to be using them. In fact, to make the most of this idea, EnergyStar.gov recommends unplugging the charger for things like your cell phone or laptop battery once it’s fully charged. This small measure can actually do a lot to help reduce the amount of energy each of your employees is using daily.

Get A Personalized Energy Audit

To find new and better ways that your unique business can become more energy efficient, Conserve-Energy-Future.com suggests contacting your power company to see if you can get a personalized energy audit. According to Conserve Energy Future, a lot of utility companies will offer free energy audits to help businesses use less energy and, in turn, save themselves a lot of money. If you’re interested in this option, contact your utility company to see what offers they have available.

To help both your company and the environment, it’s important to do your part to help conserve energy and use energy as efficiently and effectively as possible. To make this an easier task for your business to accomplish, consider using the tips mentioned above as a form of increased efficiency implementation today.