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3 Tips For Training Your Employees To Be Better Leaders

Despite how hard you work to hire the best possible employees for your business, some of them aren’t going to be exactly what you expected. And while this means that a few are going to fall short of what you thought you were hiring them to do or be, others will rise above what you thought was possible and show you their potential for being even more valuable than you ever imagined. But to get to this point, they might need a little mentoring and encouragement from you. So to help you build up your employees to become all that they can, here are three tips for training your employees to be better leaders for your organization.

Show How Managing and Leading Differ

When some people think of being a leader, their mind takes them down a path that’s actually more of a manager than an actual leader. While these two things might seem synonymous, they’re quite different. According to Nicole Fallon, a contributor to Business News Daily, managers get excited about being “the boss” or having control over other people. On the other hand, leaders understand that people aren’t working for them but rather are working with them to achieve a common goal. Once this frame of mind is in place, someone with the potential to become a leader might finally get the point of what being a leader actually means.

Create An Atmosphere of Learning

After the person who you think can be a great leader understands what you expect from a leader within your organization, it’s time that you create an atmosphere where he or she can really learn how to become a leader in their own right. To help with this, Marcel Schwantes, a contributor to Inc.com, shares that you need to be willing to push and stretch this person past the point that they currently are. While this might be uncomfortable for them at first, it’s only through learning by experience and exposure that this budding leader will gain the knowledge necessary to become great.

Give Them Your Trust With Their Responsibilities

Although it can be challenging, there’s no way anyone can learn to trust themselves as a leader unless they’re given trust to complete their responsibilities on their own. Luckily, as a leader yourself, you can give this to the person you’re training. According to Avery Augustine, a contributor to The Muse, you need to allow this person to make some decisions for themselves and trust in their ability to lead and guide your company or department onto the correct path.

If you want to turn some of your employees into the leaders your company needs, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how this can be done.