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3 Things To Do When An Accident Takes Place At Work

Part of doing good business means taking care of the customers, clients, and employees that come into your establishment. There’s a certain expectation that when people come to your business, they’ll be safe. So when this proves not to be the case, like when someone who works for you gets hurt on the job, it’s up to you to know how you should act following this type of mishap. So to help ensure that you follow the right procedures and protect both yourself and your organization, here are three things you should do when an accident takes place at your place of business.

Get The Medical Help Necessary

Before anything else, you should first ensure that your staff member is able to get the medical attention that he or she needs. Regardless of what happened or how it might later affect the standing of your business, the safety and health of your employees should take priority. Even if your employee doesn’t feel like he or she necessarily needs to seek immediate medical attention, Samuel Edwards, a contributor to Inc.com, advises that you always encourage anyone who’s been hurt at work to see a medical professional as soon as possible. This will help ensure that the injury gets documented and looked at in a timely manner, to best protect both your business and your employee.

Document, Document, Document

Once any immediate danger or harm has been dealt with regarding your injured employee, it’s now time for you to ensure that everything surrounding this accident gets documents. According to Ashley Adams-Mott, a contributor to Chron Small Business, this includes statements from witnesses about what happened, the written statement about what took place from the injured employee, any photos or video evidence from the accident, and any other information you or the employee’s direct manager can give. Document names, dates, times, and all other details, no matter how small or insignificant they might seem at the time. You can never go back and get details that were missed, so be as thorough as you can.

Contact Your Own Legal Counsel

To best protect your business and know what specific steps you should take next, especially if there’s going to be a workers’ compensation claim filed, Caron Beesley, a contributor to SBA.gov, advises that you assess how liable you are for the accident and then contact your own legal counsel. Ideally, you should have workers’ compensation insurance and a business attorney who can help minimize the professional damage that may have otherwise been done as a result of this accident.

To help your business survive and thrive after an accident has taken place, consider using the tips mentioned above to learn what to do following a workplace incident.