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Is Riding A Motorcycle A Bad Financial Decision?

How many millionaires do you see riding around on motorcycles? Outside of movie stars – who don’t count because they’re not exactly known for their financial wisdom – the two are not a common combination and there’s an economic reason for that. So, while Read More

3 Ways to Invest Your Settlement Money Wisely

Settlements of lawsuits can right wrongs and assist those whose lives are affected negatively by a personal injury, wrongful death, or some other incident to recover. When you receive your settlement money from a trial, you may not be sure about what to do Read More

Important First Steps to Take After an Accident in Atlanta

It’s no secret that Atlanta, GA’s traffic is among the worst in the nation. You might think that gridlock and delays caused by traffic jams wouldn’t contribute to car accidents — after all, people are going pretty slowly! — but in fact, accidents can happen even Read More

The Biggest Challenges Faced By Modern Retailers

The retail industry has never been a walk in the park. There are some very good reasons why it has typically appealed to people who want to test themselves in a challenging career. Yet, it is easy to think that the modern challenges in Read More

The 7 Most Common Issues With Video Calls

On some level, video chats still seem futuristic, even though they’re available, for free, to anyone with a smartphone or similar internet-connected device. In a matter of minutes, you can be visually and audibly connected to anyone in the world, and apps like Skype Read More
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